Riverview Fundraisers, Booster Groups, Student Activity Groups

The Riverview School Administration would like to thank parents and members of the community who volunteer their time to assist our athletic programs and other student activities through fundraising and other creative support.

While the District includes basic funding allotments in the annual budget for athletic and other curricular programs, there are times when parents, students, and coaches seek additional resources that add additional value or support to their programs through a variety of fundraising initiatives.

The District is currently working with groups to assist them with identifying appropriate fundraising avenues to meet their needs. Theses avenues include:

  • Operating under the school district funded budget only.
  • Accepting grants or donations to support additional “extra” resources.

  • Creating a Booster Group to support additional “extra” resources.

  • Understanding and utilizing accounting procedures as appropriate for Student Activity Groups and/or Booster Groups.

When parents and/or coaches determine that a Booster Group will best serve the needs and desires of the group, the Booster Group must first be approved by the school board and then it operates using Parent Officers with input from the coach. Board Policy 915 (Booster Organizations), adopted in June of 2012 and available on the District web page, can be used to assist organizers with understanding the role of Booster Groups and fundraising.

Several small group and individual training sessions have occurred over the past few years to assist coaches and others with understanding this process. According to PA School Code, specific accounting procedures must be followed when accepting donations. Additionally, specific accounting procedures must be followed based on a group’s identification as a Booster Group or a Student Activity Group. PTOs also follow Booster Group accounting procedures.

Information pertaining to proper Booster Group and Student Activity processes and accounting procedures are available on the right hand side of the Resources section of our website at http://www.rsd.k12.pa.us/resources.aspx.

Thank you to everyone who works with our students, staff, parents and coaches to provide these opportunities to our students. Together we are all making a difference for our kids! Thank you!